3D Scanning

Precision measurements of physical surfaces

Structured light digital metrology, also known as three-dimensional scanning, is the process of transforming an object in physical space to a precise digital model to be used for inspection or reverse engineering. Since 2005, AST has developed systems and processes that actively engage this technology in industrial applications. Using cutting-edge systems, well-developed quality control protocols, and years of expertise in the structured light method, AST delivers precise and rapid three-dimensional scanning services trusted by a number of the world’s largest corporations.


Accuracy and repeatability are of utmost importance in data acquisition and processing. It is for this reason AST has invested the most advanced structured light digital metrology systems available.


• ATOS 5
• ATOS III Triple Scan
• ATOS Core
• TRITOP Photogrammetry


Each system has unique advantages. This allows us to adapt our capabilities to best meet our customer’s needs.


AST has a laboratory dedicated to efficient, precise data aquisition. For projects that are unable to be shipped due to size or cost, AST will travel to a customer’s location.

Invest in reliable, high-precision services from a trusted resource