AST Begins U.S. Sales of REFLECON® Scanning Spray

REFLECON® is available in a variety of sublimating (Type 1, “volatile”) and traditional non-sublimating (Type 2, “non-volatile”) variations.

Available Now!

AST is eager to announce a new line of scanning spray for 3D scanning applications that involve highly reflective and hard-to-scan surfaces. The need to clean parts has become a thing of the past. With a variety of REFLECON® sublimating scanning sprays, you can focus on data acquisition and interpretation rather than wiping away spray residue from a part’s surface.

For those seeking a more traditional scanning spray, look to the line of REFLECON® non-sublimating products. With competitive prices, more volume per container, and a water-based option, REFLECON® non-sublimating sprays are easier on your budget for consumables and gentler on your parts’ surfaces.

Each scanning spray is uniquely adaptable to different applications and can assist with performing any measurement type, from high-speed handheld scanner measurements to high-precision structured light inspections with tight tolerances. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how REFLECON® can help make your life easier when performing 3D scanning projects–we will be happy to assist you!